About us

ATLANTE is a new platform designed to showcase editorial design and bring together designers, artisans, buyers, architects, curators, manufacturers and design lovers alike. You could call it a design matchmaking service. If a relationship is to blossom, you need to know more about each other, so ATLANTE also provides images, detailed descriptions and back stories of the products designed by our designers.

ATLANTE is a journey through a new concept of Interior:

Design accessories

What is editorial design?

Editorial design is about scouting designers and makers, showcasing collections that are usually produced on a small-scale, but could be suitable for industrial production. ATLANTE chooses a design that values quality over quantity, paying great attention to exploring the creative process, the entire productive cycle and the use of high materials. It doesn’t showcase vintage, historical design, galleries or prototypes.

The names behind the concept

ATLANTE is the brainchild of Domitilla Dardi and Emilia Petruccelli, the team who cofounded EDIT Napoli, the innovative design fair for independent designers.

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